A Divine Moment of truth


..."We may never know how much suffering our friends and family carry within, we may not notice the suffering that envelops our fellow neighbors, but the same pattern echoes throughout the collective as the dark night of the soul awaits all of our presence! We may project happiness and having outer comfort, we may pretend to not have inner struggles, but many of us have unresolved conflicts which silently eat away our passions. No one is exempt from this process, not even the rich and famous, it effects the whole spectrum of society to even those we hold closest! Unresolved conflicts creates our inner dis-ease and discomforts, we may blame others and the outer world for all of our problems, but without really facing our own inner shadow and coming to terms with resolving our conflicts, all we are doing is letting the unconscious remain in control of our karma! ...

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..."We all want change in the world, yet many of us remain stuck in our own unconscious patterns, how can we expect the outer world to change when we ourselves neglect the daily work of self reflection! For when the inner work is done, transformation arises from within us, and just like with anything great IT takes expressed intention and passion to co-create at this level. When we put off doing the shadow work into some far off future event, we miss the point entirely, as our empowerment always arises within the present moment, and this is something that can be tapped into if we could but see through the illusion of our ego!"...

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..."Never forget that every word that you express, every artwork you manifest, every dance you reflect, cast waves of influence 

not seen by your essence. So never underestimate the power 

of your spells of magic, never underestimate the power of your influence, for it is because of spirits as you that the collective unconscious is becoming conscious! They say that some people are so far out and lost in the illusion of the world, it's like they 

are walking blindfolded on a tightrope and if you scream 

too loud they may get scared and fall once they realize 

the truth of their own divine nature! ...

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..."There is a certain hypothesis for it, so DMT is considered to be the spirit molecule by some. Dr. Rick Strassman wrote the book called 'DMT The Spirit Molecule' and there's this documentary out with that same name. It's definitely a chemical that everybody's body makes, and that's why there is this hypothesis that it's the source of why we dream. Because if we really really look at dreams, we've all had a dream that was so vivid that we woke up and we where like 'That was real, it was so real!' The reason is that dreams are hallucinations, and there's this psychedelic chemical our body makes called DMT, and it's believed it's produced every night when we sleep and possibly when we die and when we're born. And it has something to do with, it's possibly created in our pineal gland, and that's considered our third eye, the seat of our soul, where the soul kind of enters and exits the body in a sense." ~Alistar Valadez... https://www.youtube.com/user/ADivineMomentofTruth

Alistar Valadez ~ Paradigm Shift Radio

Interview on Paradigm Shift Radio, as we covered a wide range of topics from DMT, music, consciousness, creativity, imagination, dreams and mystical experiences...

Activate (Featuring Tina Guo on Cello)

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